Steve Poulos

Owner, 24 Years Experience

GET major medical INSURANCE or improve what you have.

maximize your subsidy and explore options.

IN UNDER 10 MINUTES, find out how much you can save.

Steve Poulos

Owner, 24 Years Experience

Get major medical insurance or improve what you have.

maximize your subsidy and explore options.


Don't make marketplace mistakes

Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2024.

Many Americans visit alone without any guidance. As an experienced agent, I help consumers, small businesses, and their employees find the best health coverage and assist with completing eligibility and enrollment forms to avoid costly mistakes.

An agent is afforded to you at no cost, no catch. See how our award winning service can find you options and savings. Don’t miss out!


Clients that select a Silver vs Bronze plan and still pay under $100.00 per month.


Members enrolled that choose the $0 monthly premium.


People that improve the plan, network or subsidy they already have.

how do i qualify?


  • Self-Employed.
  • Work full time for a small employer (under 50 employees).
  • Work part-time for any size employer.
  • Currently unemployed with limited sources of income.
  • Anyone who does not have current coverage. I’m always happy to advise on your current situation so you work smarter, not harder.

Step 1

Setup a consultation

Start with a 5 minute, no hassle phone consultation. You talk to Steve direct. No call center, no random robocalls and your information is NEVER EVER shared.

Step 2

Choose a plan

Shop plans, networks, doctors and hospitals in advance so your claims get paid and you don’t get stuck with an ugly medical bill.

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Step 3

peace of mind

You can still view your application and policy online all while having an experienced agent at your fingertips. That means, a direct line for all ongoing advice needs.

Real people, real stories

Real people,
real stories

Gwen M
Jacksonville, FL
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"I got a full hysterectomy in June and haven't had those terrible migraines since! If it wasn't for you helping me with the insurance it would have never been possible."
Lana B
Boynton Beach, FL
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"Steve, I just had kidney stones and was in terrible pain. I saw the bills the hospital was billing and was in total shock. The first time was unsuccessful and $13,000. The second time was $42,000. I could never ever afford that nor the $1300/in premium before I met you."
Svetlana K
Hollywood, FL
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"My daughter was in a car accident, they cited the other person. I was pissed off because all the cops did was get their insurance info. Only to find out they only had the state minimum which wasn't even enough to pay the hospital bill. Thank god I had this insurance because the ER bill was crazy expensive. Steve can I sue them?"
Daisy F
Orlando, FL
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"Hi Steve, I was referred to you by John T. My husband has covid, he is in the ICU on a ventilator, they tell me it's really bad. We own a small restaurant and the hospital billing office is asking about what insurance we have and what assets we have. Can you call me? My husband let our coverage cancel, didn't tell me and I'm nervous they will go after us. Thanks."
Brooke B
Akron, OH
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Client: "My prescriptions are $800/mo and whatever insurance this other guy sold me doesn't even cover this. How can this be?..... Steve: "Hi, I just searched the formulary and network for you. Your new premium would be $89/mo and the copay for that prescription is only $10... This will start the first of the month, call me when you have 15 minutes and we can finalize. I will tell you how to cancel the other plan... Congrats!"
Alex T
Cleveland, OH
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"I just found out I have stage 4 cancer. I cannot even work and luckily I'm getting disability but my COBRA was $850/mo. Steve helped me switch to a plan that includes all my doctors and reduced my premium to $160/mo. You can definitely tell he has been doing this a while. I thought it was impossible but he came through big time for me."
Candace R
Tampa, FL
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"I'm a single Mom, can barely afford my insurance at work and was worried about my kids... Steve advised me that because both of my adult sons (age 21 and 24) have jobs and pay their own taxes, they can get their own plan. I was shocked to see the coverage was better AND under $15/mo each."
Rodney W
Canton, OH
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"I'm a small business owner, I have great staff and do whatever I can but I cannot afford the ridiculous premiums charged by insurance companies. Steve came in to our facility, sat down with each employee and went over their options. All but one person he was able to help. I truly wish I met him sooner and highly recommend him to any self-employed individuals and small businesses."

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